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Aesthetics / Function / Efficiency

Aesthetics focuses on the emotional impact - how a person feels light in a room. Aesthetic is where designers and architects focus on the emotional impact how people feel when they walk around a space. Lighting as a tool to see in the best possible way. The function of light is to see in the best possible way. To create the best artificial light to replace perfect sunlight requires technical knowledge and long-term experience in lighting a room.

When creating enchanting lighting solutions, it is important to consider the efficiency of light. It is important that the light reaches the object accurately and that there is minimal loss of light. To have the solution for function needs knowledge and experience. It’s one thing to create a breathtaking lighting layout, but it’s another to create a breathtaking layout that is also incredibly energy efficient. This can be done by assuring the majority of the light is reaching its target and there is less wasted light. In addition to Tõnis Vellama I SEOS luminaires, there are several other professional luminaire brands in the selection of Ultima Thule Interiors.

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