AMANJEDA Casa on loomulik paralleelmaailm mööblidisainis AMANJEDA by Katrin Kuldma rõivakollektsioonidele. AMANJEDA Casa pakub kodude sisustamisel sama kõrge kvaliteediga kangaid, disaini ja teostust kui Eesti disaineri loodud rõivad. AMANJEDA partneriteks on Itaalia tippklassi kangatootjad, Amanjeda Casa puhul tulevad kangad peamiselt Loro Piana Interiors'ilt.

AMANJEDA Casa valikus on rikkaliku kangavalikuga söögilaua toolid ja köögisaare ääres istumiseks kõrged pukktoolid. Toolide kollektsioon on ülimalt mugav ja minimalistlikult elegantne.

interjööre sama rafineeritud kvaliteedi ja detailidele tähelepanu pööramisega, mida nad tavaliselt saavutavad Katrin Kuldma Amanjeda riietumisel. Disainer Katrin Kuldma kirg arhitektuuri vastu on olnud paralleelne tema moekarjääriga

AMANJEDA Casa diivanid ja toolid valmivad Eesti parimate pehme mööbli meistrite poolt ja tekstiilelementide kollektsioonid pakuvad kõige mugavamaid ja luksuslikumaid lahendusi koos Loro Piana Interjööridega. Kvaliteetsed pehme mööbli tootmistehnoloogiad on ühedatud maailma parimate looduslike ja vääriskangastega - kašmiir, vill, angoora, siid, lina, puuvill, lootoslill. Uhkete proportsioonidega diivanid on mugavad ja pakuvad kodus olemiseks tõelist naudingut.

AMANJEDA Casa was created to enable Amanjeda customers furnish and "dress" interiors with the same objectives of refined quality and attention to details they usually accomplish when dressing themselves in Amanjeda by Katrin Kuldma. The designer Katrin Kuldma´s passion to architecture has been parallel to her career in fashion.

Katrin Kuldma´s second education is Estonian Academy of Arts Interior Architecture. One of the public examples of her works is interior architecture of Ultima Thule Gallery in the heart of Tallinn.

Katrin Kuldma´s strength as an interior architect is her long experience working with private customers, her understanding of peoples feelings and needs while creating high quality home environments.

In collaboration with Ultima Thule Interiors one can accomplish only selected interior element - a sofa, a kitchen or a wardrobe - or start the full project with Katrin Kuldma and Ultima Thule Gallery interior architecture professionals, from idea sketch to project plans and budget.

Sofas, chairs & curtains with the finest fabrics

AMANJEDA Casa soft furniture is created in collaboration with the top level furniture producers in Estonia and Italy. Modern technology, designer view to luxurious proportions and the world’s best fabrics are connected to meet the most demanding customers needs for soft furniture.

With Loro Piana Interiors

AMANJEDA Casa interior textiles are supplied by the best fabric producers of the world, the most important supplier is Loro Piana Interiors.

The Loro Piana Interiors collections use only natural and exclusive fibers such as cashmere, wool, angora, silk, linen and cotton. The collection offers a large range of fabrics - 30 articles and more than 300 color shades - to dress homes, planes, helicopters and private yachts. The high quality luxury fabrics feel and look good, as well as being durable in time. In addition to the traditional Loro Piana cashmere and wool fabrics, the collection offers chevron and linen textures, cotton moleskins and plain shades, shantung and silk velvets and more. In addition to fabrics, the collection includes plaids in pure wool & cashmere in fine colours and shades. The offer is complete and articulated, ready to satisfy the taste and the most demanding requests.

Amanjeda Casa with Loro Piana Interiors

We are delighted to share with you a truly extraordinary collaboration that transcends the boundaries of luxury living. Amanjeda Casa proudly presents an exclusive partnership with Loro Piana Interiors, where opulence meets innovation to redefine the art of home design.

Amanjeda Casa x Loro Piana Interiors: A Symphony of Elegance:
Prepare to be captivated by the fusion of Amanjeda Casa's refined aesthetic and Loro Piana Interiors' legendary commitment to luxury. This collaboration is resulting in spaces that embody sophistication, comfort, and a timeless allure.

What Sets This Collaboration Apart:

Exquisite Fabrics: Loro Piana's unparalleled fabrics, known for their softness and richness, will grace Amanjeda Casa's bespoke furniture, upholstery, and decor, creating an atmosphere of unmatched comfort.

Attention to Detail: Every piece curated in this collaboration reflects meticulous attention to detail, from the stitching on a sofa to the texture of a throw pillow.

Timeless Elegance: The result is a collection that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with contemporary design, offering a glimpse into the future of luxury interiors.

"Biella Maxi" in 100% Loro Piana Interiors Linen

Sofa in Loro Piana Interiors 100% Cotton

"Biella Maxi Corner" in Loro Piana Interiors 100% Cashmere

"Biella Maxi" in Loro Piana Interiors 100% Cotton



In Loro Piana Interiors 100% Cotton Velvet

Amanjeda Casa

"Biella Mini"

In Loro Piana Interiors 100% Cotton