Alpaka is a boutique scale manufacturer of alpaca fur and wool founded in 2007.

The idea came from Kristjan Sillaots who nearly 15 years ago went backpacking in Peru and realized he wanted to stay there longer. He decided to create a company which focuses on producing high quality home and fashion collections together with his good friends Peeter Pappel and Are Kudeviita.

The main focus of Alpaka’s creation and inspiration are the beautiful South American camelids - alpacas - native to the Peruvian highlands. Nowadays they are even common animals in some Estonian households. Domesticated thousands of years ago, the rare and luxurious alpaca fibre was already appreciated by the Inca culture.

The harsh climate in the Andes and temperature fluctuations of up to 40°C that the animals have to endure at 3500-5000m of altitude, make the fleece of aplaca one of the most desirable natural fibres in the world. 

By using a Nordic design language, Alpaka brings this valuable material to international customers.