Tõnis Vellama / SEOS Lighting


Tõnis Vellama is a renowned Estonian lighting designer. Tõnis has been fascinated by lighting design since he graduated from Estonian Art Academy. His work is special in creating chandeliers with unique solutions. In cooperation with architects and interior architects, modern elegant works have been created for both historical and modern interiors. Tõnis Vellama has created number of original lighting fixtures for public spaces as embassies, concert halls and hotels. His work has been exhibited around the world and he has been initiating and curating lighting design exhibitions.


Tõnis Vellama has created several original luminaires for embassies, including chandeliers and wall luminaires for the Estonian embassies in Helsinki, Rome and Berlin, St. John’s Church in St. Petersburg, Estonian National Opera, Hotel Albert in Riga, Nordic Hotel Forum and Hilton Park Tallinn, as well Skype office in Tallinn and many more. The range of unique creations includes special lighting for the halls of Estonian manors, including the magnificent modern chandeliers of Mooste, Koigi, Väätsa, Heimtali and Kiltsi. All the bespoke products are handmade by skilled craftsmen in Estonia.

Tõnis Vellama / SEOS professional lightning  


Founded in 1997, SEOS Lighting has over 20 years of experience in creating lighting solutions. The range consists of different types of design lamps and modern chandeliers. SEOS Lighting is also experienced in creating custom design solutions for historical and modern interiors. SEOS Lighting provides design and technical solution where architects have a vision or a problem to solve. Together SEOS Lighting creates custom light fixtures – from initial design concept to final installation.