It all begins here. The Old Town. A silent whirring. Humble garments. Passing through knowledgeable hands. To personal order. Never through industry. Tallinn. And us.

Our studio chooses to craft clothes in a quiet slower fashion. Away from the machine operated textile dystopia. Instead locally sourced materials, well-seasoned designers and artisanal tailoring form the core to our work. Pohjanheimo proposes garments that will last a life-time. They do not shout or appear overly complicated; instead they are casual, comfortable and made of the lushest fabrics available.

In the atelier, every single piece is constructed entirely by hand. From initial sketches, to patterning and finishes, quiet determined steps. Far removed from mass-consumption, our atelier appreciates true craftsmanship; the way we were taught by our Estonian ancestors. Their voices resonate in the subtle embroidered narratives, functional details and relaxed traditional tailoring.

Furthermore, we only work with natural hand-dyes and construct each individual garment merely to order, so nothing shall go to waste. In our increasingly connected world, Pohjanheimo chooses to care for the beauty that surrounds us. Our rich Nordic roots guide our design process, as nature infuses our creativity.