Ultima Thule Recognition of Northern Luxury

The aim of the Ultima Thule recognition is to value and highlight Northern high quality design and services, the diversity of luxury brands and high culture created with dedication, and to make them aware for the wider public in the world.

The highest recognition is 3 stars as the Extraordinary Destination of Northern Luxury. 2 stars are given as Excellent Destination and 1 star as a Recommended Destination of Northern Luxury.

For Ultima Thule recognition can be qualified an exceptional fashion, interior, art, travel or lifestyle establishment located in the region of the mythical Ultima Thule, the establishment has been operating for at least 8 years, has a stable economic activity, it has public access as a service provider on daily basis or with advance reservations.

The valuation criteria of Ultima Thule recognition:

1. Original approach, uniqueness
2. Valuing Northern heritage
3. Creating an exceptional environment through the art of construction
4. Discreetly experiential atmosphere
5. Variety of uplifting activities 
6. Compliance with Slow Movement principles
7. Promotion of local culture
8. Commitment to perfection

The first and highest Ultima Thule recognition was awarded to Pädaste Manor Small Luxury Retreat & SPA in April 2023.

Pädaste Manor Retreat & SPA
Ultima Thule recognition of Northern Luxury
3 stars 2023