Found in the ‘inner’ islands of the Seychelles, which are known as the most beautiful on Earth, North Island is a place of exclusive luxury within an exquisite wilderness sanctuary and Agent B will make your holiday there an incredible experience.

For those seeking a private and unspoilt, tropical retreat, the 11 opulent hand-crafted villas lap the pristine, powder-white sands of the turquoise Indian Ocean. The villas have all been created from local materials harvested during the island's rehabilitation process, balancing luxury and simplicity to form a signature architectural style they like to call “barefoot luxury”.

The sand on the idyllic North Island beaches feels soft and fluffy – almost like powdered sugar underfoot. The tides have been moving sand up and down the beaches on a cyclical basis for millennia, washing and refining it. Having the island’s beach sand replaced so often means that guests are always walking on fresh, uncompacted sand – it’s not uncommon to literally be the first person to walk on a beach at North Island.

There are few places on earth where you can feel more alive or experience a more holistic sense of wellbeing. This combined sense of relaxed vitality and discovery allows you to enjoy the private island at exactly your own pace and to relax or explore as you choose. Guests can choose from a generous list of activities, including kayaking, scuba diving and stand up paddling, all without leaving this beautiful, lush island.

The many dining venues on the Island lend themselves to a range of food experiences depending on your mood. 
Every spa treatment begins with our “barefoot ritual” designed to soothe away the stresses of travel, and allow you to slip seamlessly into the island way of barefoot luxury. A full menu of treatments is available, either at the Spa, with its stunning views down over granite boulders to the glittering ocean below or in the privacy of your own villa for ultimate convenience and relaxation.

All in all, it is one of the few beach resorts in the world to offer something indescribable and elusive; something that cannot be experienced anywhere else. All this makes it one of the most expensive hotels in the world, loved by both royal heads and various A-list guests.