ROCIO is a luxury eco-fashion label founded and based in Scotland, United Kingdom.

"Our mission is to combine nature & artistry to make our designs the definition of sustainable fashion that can be enjoyed for the long term".

The brand's artistic direction is to challenge and design in a creative art style using only the finest craftsmanship & sustainable materials. To create exceptional design that displays outstanding natural beauty.

We live in a world where there is fast, mass production and an over consumption of our raw materials. Products are specifically designed to fail over the short term.

ROCIO is devoted to designing waste out of all their bags so each of their designs can enjoy a full restoration to extend their longevity or can easily be recycled to enjoy a 2nd life.

Their clients can reuse, resell and even service their handbags. Each ROCIO design is work of art, a rare and gratifying investment that appreciates over time.