Karin Kersa

Karin Kersa Jewellery - Enjoy the little things!

Karin Kersa is a talented jewellery artist whose work includes uniquely modern luxurious jewellery made of finest metals and stones, as well as filigree and ethnographic jewellery created of silver. Alongside with the traditional materials used in the world of jewellery - gold, diamonds, natural pearls and gemstones - Karin also uses a unique black oak in her design which comes from the ship “The Prophet Jonah” of the Russian tsarists fleet which has been laying in the bottom of Tallinn Bay for centuries.


Karin Kersa’s modern jewellery is a pleasure to wear in everyday life. The iconic crisp Nordic creation “Icicle” made out of white gold and diamonds has become a favorite piece for both women and men. 


Karin creates some of the most amazing engagement and marriage rings to commemorate the life's special day. For these unique pieces the best is to visit the designer atelier in Ultima Thule Gallery. Here Karin will show the samples will draw the first sketches for the one unique jewellery piece.