A bridge between eras, GUILD is integrating forgotten nobleness with contemporary leisurewear. Pairing effortless style with traditional crafts, it was brought to life in 2012 by two lovers Sten Karik and Joan Hint. Today, GUILD operates as an atelier and design house whilst uniting storytelling denim brand Reval Denim Guild and a small millinery Guild Hattery.

Merging art with crafts, the ambition of GUILD is excellence together with ethical innovation – contemporary yet timeless apparel made of natural materials in a truly harmonious environment. Great design, certified fabrics, no waste and leftovers, products that would withstand time are just some of the elements reflecting the core values of GUILD.

All is created under one roof in the Hanseatic town Tallinn, just like in bygone times when artisans joined under guilds with an oath to give their best in everything they do.