Mankind dreams of flights to the Moon and Mars.
Agent B recommends to visit Antarctica before making any space voyages.

Here's how to do it in ultimate comfort, luxury and style.

For centuries, Antarctica has been a special place in our imagination - the coldest, emptiest and most isolated place on Earth, yet one with its own special charm and beauty.

The opportunities to travel there have expanded since the first explorers reached the South Pole, but access to Antarctica's interior is still restricted to a very few.

Today's savvy and experienced traveller is always looking for new ways to explore more remote and extreme places, and is no longer satisfied with just observing a distant continent from a cruise ship.

Modern day adventurous traveller can enjoy exclusive itineraries of up to a week to be on the most isolated continent and stay overnight in a luxury, all-inclusive camp in Antarctica. On a continent larger than the US and Mexico combined, or China and India, there are just 2 camps with 6 double cabins. The latest of these, Echo's futuristic and ultra-luxurious floor-to-ceiling window huts, opened in December 2022.

White Desert

White Desert was founded in 2005 by husband and wife team Patrick and Robyn Woodhead, who together hold the record of four polar expeditions. Their desire was to show people other than scientists and expedition members the continent's deep interior, while offering them exceptional hospitality and comfort.

Just a luxurious 5-hour flight from Cape Town in South Africa, the private jet will arrive in the heart of Antarctica, a place that is at once surreal and majestic. From shimmering ice tunnels to vertical rock towers, endless uninhabited horizons to oceans dotted with icebergs, it's a destination like no other on planet Earth.

The season runs from November to February, when Antarctica has a 24-hour polar day. There is a choice of several different programmes, with a maximum of 12 people per group.

The Greatest Day / Duration 1 day

The best way to experience the true beauty of Antarctica inland in one day.

On arrival, spend three hours on the ice with an easy hike from Wolf's Fang camp to nearby Nunatak. There you can enjoy an unforgettable champagne picnic and unparalleled views before boarding your flight back to Cape Town.

Early Emperors / Duration 6 days

This trip is a completely unique experience as it offers unique access to a powerful colony of penguins as the chicks take their first steps under the watchful eye of their parents.

An approximate two-hour flight on a Basler BT-67 aircraft from the main camp in the White Desert will take you to more than 14,000 penguin pairs and their chicks. The penguins see no danger in humans and will come within just a few metres of you, burying you in the noise, commotion and unique experience of penguin watching in such a rare way. It's one of the biggest yet least observed wildlife events on our planet.

South Pole & Emperors / Duration 8 days

This luxury adventure takes you to the heart of Antarctica to see the Emperor Penguins. Then it's off to the southernmost point in the world - the South Pole!

Even today, reaching the southernmost point on Earth is a real achievement. After a seven-hour flight from White Desert Base Camp, offering spectacular views, you will land at the polar plateau for refuelling and a walk in the rugged wilderness to get a true sense of Antarctica's immense scale.

The journey continues to the South Pole, landing at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. At the designated star, you will be at the lowest point on Earth. A place where there is no longer east, south or west - only north and where all the time zones meet.

Together with the White Desert team, we invite you on an unforgettable journey to a world of breathtaking icy beauty that is completely unique!

The season for luxury expeditions to Antarctica is very limited.
To enjoy a polar day, the time limit for organising the trips is 19 November 2023 to 07 February 2024. In addition to the limited time, only up to 250 people per year will be able to make this exclusive trip.

So today is the right time to book your adventure for the upcoming winter.

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