Founded in 2015, House of Castlebird Rose aims towards infusing the essence of art into everyday lives. By capturing the ethereal art of 18th and 19th century France on regal silk couture, they have curated their exclusive range of luxury clothing. To promote sustainable fashion, the excess materials produced in the process of cloth-making are used for creating new products. 

The brand's style is all about vibrant, gorgeous, and attractive prints, detailed on silk, a fabric that exudes sheer elegance. Each and every piece is sewn with the utmost care, and the timeless designs add a classic touch to your wardrobe. The superior quality of silk ensures optimum comfort, and the creations never fail to make a statement. 

With their beautifully crafted collection, you will be transported to the glorious world of bygone days, where art and culture flourished to their peak. "Le Perroquet", the signature collection from the House of Castlebird Rose, reflects the authentic watercolor paintings belonging to the famous 19th-century French artist and art connoisseur Alfred Emmanuel Beurdeley. The brand's creations are a tribute to the magnificent art of the older centuries, and an attempt at preserving them into wearable pieces of art. 

With a limited-edition collection of fashion and home decor range, the brand is fusing art into society, while upholding the enchanting hidden gems of the past.