The founder of Arro Porcelain – Liisu Arro, a ceramist and a third-generation artist – finds her inspiration from everyday life. Liisu is a daughter of recognized painters Epp Maria Kokamägi and Jaak Arro. Imbi Lind and Luulik Kokamägi, the grandparents of Liisu, are artsists as well. Liisu Arro has been involved in ceramics since 2002 and has participated in exhibitions in Estonia and further afield, elements of Liisu's work belong to collections of Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. Besides the unique handmade models, Arro Porcelain manufactures serialized porcelain tableware with the motives of Liisu Arro and her family's creations. The artist makes all her pieces by herself by hand. She combines the common with the unique, the ferial with the magical and the conventional with the extravagant. As a result, her work is unique and of high quality that matches the challenges of everyday use.


Each piece is unique and unrepeatable. These precious artworks are the jewels of the historical renovated manors or luxurious apartments, accents for modernity or emphasising the abundance of heritage.


“Eve & Adam” is a series celebrating the Feminine and the Masculine and the balance the two opposites created to be together. It is about the universe of different emotions and understanding of love. About the “cosmos” of human relationships and the skill to navigate in this universe and sometimes to just trust the stars! “The Birds” series is based on the artwork by Liisu Arro. “The Birds” is inspired by the long, dark and cold winters of the North, where the artist lives and works. The colourful dreamlike birds symbolize the warmth, smells, sounds and colours of the summer. The series “Muse” is classically minimalistic and elegant, while creating an authentic bohemian atmosphere. The “Muse” is based on Liisu's grandfather Luulik Kokamägi's original sketches from the 1960-s and 70-s.