Ultima Thule recognition, 3 stars of Northern LUXURY

The first and highest Ultima Thule recognition was awarded to
Pädaste Manor Small Luxury Retreat & SPA

April 2023

Pädaste Manor is located on Muhu island, that is one of the three largest islands in Estonia and is the neighbouring island of Saaremaa, one of the possible locations of Ultima Thule.

The simple luxury of Pädaste Manor Retreat & SPA has been created by Imre Sooäär and Martin Breuer. In 1995, Imre and Martin started with the ruins of an abandoned manor house. Today, the property has been developed into a unique luxury travel destination, where the crowned heads and business elite of the world have organised private trips. Besides the glamorous international recognitions and guests Pädaste Manor is one of the favourite places to celebrate the most important romantic events in life and its welcoming staff makes the stay an unforgettable relaxing experience for each guest.


Since 1995 with history since 15th century

Letter of Martin Breuer

On behalf of Pädaste Manor, a Small Luxury Retreat & SPA, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the honour of receiving the first Ultima Thule recognition of 3 stars as an exceptional Northern luxury destination. This award means a lot to us, as it acknowledges our commitment to providing the highest quality services and experiences to our guests for the last 26 years.

We are proud to be a part of the growing community of quality brands in Estonia, and we believe that this recognition highlights the best of what Estonia has to offer. We will continue to work hard to exceed our guests' expectations and to promote the beauty of the Nordic region to the world.    

Also on behalf of my entire team, I thank you again for this recognition and for your support in promoting excellence in the industry.   

Martin Breuer
Hotelier & Restaurateur

Pädaste Manor perfectly meets all 8 criteria of Ultima Thule recognition and was the first to receive the 3 stars as an Exceptional Destination of Northern Luxury.

The renovation work has been done with exceptional taste and respect for history. The traditional is creatively combined with the modern. Time stops in Pädaste. From a long, delicious breakfast, you can go smoothly to a relaxing bike ride on Muhu island, then enjoy the best massage and Nordic sauna experience. A large part of the gourmet food in the manor's kitchen is made from ingredients grown in the manor's garden and sourced from the island's farmers. World-renowned top chefs work in the kitchen of Alexander restaurant.

The extraordinary ethnic patterns of Muhu Island are the inspiration for interior design and authentic details. You can feel the peace here, every detail is naturally in its place. Luxury in Pädaste is simple, nothing is missing or superfluous.

The event was generously supported by Bentley Tallinn.