Made to measure goes beyond the trends as you get a one-off, unique garment, tailored for you and you alone. The style of Amanjeda made to measure is sharp tailoring combined with soft elegance. Amanjeda made to measure service is created to meet the customer’s individual needs for fitting and style.

Fabrics for the made-to-measure collections are from the best Italian and French producers of wool – Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil. Excellent fabrics, architectural shapes of design and perfect tailoring make wearing the Amanjeda made-to-measure suit an extraordinary pleasure. 

The customer will be measured first, then fitted in the closest matching size from the sample suits size range, which is then pinned to get an accurate fit. This will form the basis of the new design. Then the styles, fabrics, linings and buttons are selected, and any changes to pocket styles and positions or other requested alterations to the style are noted. Six weeks later, the customer returns to collect his made-to-measure garment. The Amanjeda made-to-measure service has been designed to offer the most convenient way to have your unique tailored suit within the shortest practical time.

Customers can choose a fit from samples, and then select fabrics, collar styles, buttons, cuff styles and different shirtfronts. As a finishing touch, customers can have their initials embroidered inside of the collar or on the cuff. The fabrics of the Amanjeda made-to-measure shirt collection are carefully picked high quality cottons, which are wrinkle free due to the high twist structure of the yarn, giving long-lasting comfort and elegance.
Coats are also available in similar lines as the suits, proportioned to the customer’s needs with an excellent choice of fine wools.