The founders of DIAPOL were fascinated by the uniqueness of natural stone structures and patterns, the extraordinary aesthetics of colors. The beautiful stones that have developed in the earth's crust over millions of years are valuable materials for kitchen and bathroom worktops, facades, walls and floors.
During more than a quarter of a century of operating, the Estonian company DIAPOL has become one of the leading manufacturers of stone slabs in Europe. The company's partners are natural stone mines in Brazil, India and Italy. In the production of DIAPOL high-tech equipment is used, cutting of stone surfaces are prepared by professional engineers. Laser cutting guarantees stone cuts with absolute accuracy. To ensure the quality and speed of design and installation work, DIAPOL's surveying and installation teams operate in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom.  DIAPOL has supplied more than 550,000 granite, marble, quartz and ceramic projects internationally.


DIAPOL's selection includes the world's best worktop and surface materials - marble, granite, quartz and ceramic stone.  DIAPOL delivers its natural stone directly from the mines, controlling the quality of the stone from the beginnig of the process.  DIAPOL's selection includes exclusive and classical stone variants, the artificial stone selection includes up to 50 different shades and structures. The ceramic slabs are produced by an innovative roller method, which gives special strength.  DIAPOL ceramic slabs can be used as a modern worktop material with a thin 12mm cut edge, a 4mm thin plate can be used as a covering material for kitchen furniture doors. The selection of materials is carried out in cooperation with architects and interior architects, measurements and installation are performed in cooperation with the builder or furniture manufacturer.