Ultima Thule Gallery is a showroom, sales venue and collaboration platform that presents Northern brands operating in the premium and luxury sector from product design to architecture, from art world to personally tailored travel experience. 
Ultima Thule Design presents luxury fashion and jewellery brands. Ultima Thule Interiors offers bespoke furniture, lighting and architectural projects. Ultima Thule Art is collaborating with the most unique artists and photographers. Ultima Thule Lifestyle partners provide tailor made services of dream travel experiences. 

Ultima Thule Gallery is an impressive 600 m2 space in the heart of modern Tallinn City, Maakri Quarter. Maakri Quarter is an industrial and trade quarter with centuries old history. Renovated in a modern way with respect to heritage there are harmoniously connected innovation and traditions. Architect of the building, Rasmus Tamme, has sensitively combined the historical gallery floors with modern skyscraper. Therefore the space is perfect for Northern Luxury - heritage and innovation are connected in a harmonious way. Interior architecture and detailed furniture design is created by Katrin Kuldma, recognized fashion designer, creative director of Amanjeda and Ultima Thule. Ultima Thule Gallery is layered on two floors with entrance on street level. Second floor is a flowing space with studios, offices and showrooms, first floor with more than 300 m2 open gallery and sales areas is a perfect venue for lifestyle events, art exhibitions and brand presentations. The concept gallery is created to visualize the stories of its brands on the highest level and to establish the most satisfying collaborations with its partners.