Parka "Aviator"

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It’s cut from legendary Oriental ramie yarn, one of the strongest natural materials. It’s been used for over five thousand years, so it’s older than cotton. It’s super breathable and resistant to bacteria. The PU coating makes Aviator highly waterproof. It’s water-based, so no solvents were used which means it doesn't. produce harmful toxins like many other DWR-s.
The parka features the practical Monocle pocket and a unique tail-bag. Just wear things you can tell stories about.


You can pimp your parka with different colour linings. For insulation we use Lavalan camel wool that is 5 times warmer than regular nylon batting. It is also breathable, washable, superlight and recyclable. The lining’s inner layer comes from Japan. This fabric is a unique mix of ramie , linen and wool yarns. Ramie keeps the bacteria out and the linen and wool yarns manage moisture and temperature like a pro.



  • Oversized fit (fits true to size, choose your normal size)
  • Adjustable visor
  • Horn buttons
  • Genuine leather details
  • Ultra strong zippers