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Baltic Luxury's carefully trips take you to untouched northern nature. The Baltic lands are the dream of nature lovers. Here the land meets the sea, resulting in hundreds of kilometers of private beaches, bonsai park-like bogs intertwined with primeval forests, fields, rivers and lakes. The observation of the bear and the Ural owl are just a few examples of exciting and memorable activities to experience.

There are also great opportunities to enjoy and discover nature in private luxury hideaways built in the middle of nature. Selected stylish accommodations designed to experience authenticity and hedonism hand in hand are in the list of Baltic Luxury offers.

Baltic Luxury has prepared a variety of Nature Experiences to enjoy the vibrant and diverse wildlife in Estonia:

Ural Owl Watching Experience with nature photographer Sven Začek
Brown Bear Watching Experience
Bird Watching Experience
Bog Experience
Nature Hideaway Experience