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Estonia is a country where supermodern is connected to traditional. Modern architecture, Skype innovations and digital elections are as much valued as wild forests, rich folk and classical culture. Estonia is the homeland of the world famous composer Arvo Pärt. His pieces “Für Alina” and “Spiegel im Spiegel” are the real diamonds of classical music. Opera, ballet and theatre are truly loved in Estonia. The gorgeous opera house built in the beginning of the 1900’s is crowning the central part of Tallinn.
There is also a magnificent art scene in Estonia to discover. The classics - Eduard Wiiralt, Ado Vabbe and Peeter Mudist - are the must see masters besides the world famous names of the art world. The creators in Tallinn derive inspiration from North and South, East and West. It has been a place of mixed cultures throughout history. The design and fashion life has been intense in this region due to strong Art University, fashion industry and being open to international influences.
Baltic Luxury has prepared a series of Art, Design & Musical Experiences to enjoy:
Modern Art Experience in Staelenhof
Arvo Pärt Center Experience
Fotografiska Experience
Kadriorg Palace & KUMU Experience
Ultima Thule Gallery Design Shopping Experience