Sven Začek (born in 1980 in Valga) is an Estonian nature photographer, one of the editors-in-chief of the Estonian nature photography magazine Lofo and one of the founders and leaders of the nature and photo portal
Sven himself has named his father-in-law as the cause of his interest in nature. With him and his wifes’ brother he started to go hunting. From there, however, things developed in such a way that instead of a gun, a camera became his companion. Začek mainly takes pictures of Estonian nature, but he also has pictures of nature from Norway, Namibia and other parts of the world. Especially well-known are his photographs from owls and other bird species.

He has had numerous exhibitions in several places in Estonia. One of them - “The Life of a Bird” - also attracted the attention of the press - it tells a story of an Ural owl who flew into the window of the Pärnu Museum of New Art. It is known that Sven Začek is the fourth Estonian next to Remo Savisaar, Jaan Künnap and Priit Vesilinnu, whose photos have reached the pages of National Geographic.