Nordic Luxury

Nordic Luxury, small boutique DMC, specializes in the bespoke exploration of Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Faroe Islands.

Having pioneered unforgettable trips on behalf of exceptional individuals for over a decade, we now bring you a honed couture travel experience, crafted with flair and finesse entirely around your dreams.

Your confidence can rest in our knowledge, discretion, and the very highest calibre of planning, which we undertake personally. Our destination is the unfamiliar, accomplished in every fresh detail by the invisible strings of weightless service. The authentic Inuit lifestyle… Helsinki’s dynamic design scene… The phosphorescent trail of the Northern Lights…


The Nordic countries are majestic and ethereal, immersed in a beauty we believe to be peerless. It is our pleasure to create the space for you to connect with them purely.

We love people.
We love our lands.
We invite you to join us on a journey of true inspiration.

Team Nordic Luxury