Mare Vint

Mare Vint (born in 1942 in Tallinn) graduated from the State Art Institute of the Estonian SSR (currently Estonian Academy of Arts) as a glass artist but later became a renowned printmaker/graphic artist.

Mare Vint has mainly worked with ink on canvas and coloured pencils, since 1972 litography tends to be her favorite technique. Her earlier works are characterised by the contrast of black and white, the colour being merely a provisional substance, primarily used for highlighting.

The works from the later period take the viewer on a journey through gardens, parks and towns, as well as through times and eras. The filigrees of lines, dots, rhythms and open surfaces of crystallised motifs, as well as the timeless message of her multi-layered content, provide endless opportunities for interpretation and relate to many generations of admirers.

Vint became a member of the Estonian Artists Union in 1973, she has won awards both from abroad and several times from the Tallinn Print Triennial. In 2015, she was awarded the IV class Order of the White Star. In addition to the Estonian Art Museum and the Tartu Art museum, her works can also be found in prestigious collections in Russia, Germany, Finland and the USA.