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Alpaka fur collection is the cornerstone of the Alpaka brand and products. The fur collection features rugs, bedcovers, throws, cushions and teddy bears, and they can also make custom made products. 

Alpaca fur is an exclusive material with unique qualities. It is extremely soft, silky and warm, and will last for a very long time if looked after properly. Alpaca fur does not contain any lanolin, making all alpaca rugs and other products naturally allergy-free. Alpaka specializes in custom made alpaca fur rugs, and they use special anti-slip backing and genuine leather bordering in all of their fur rugs to make them more solid and durable.

Slight variations and differences in the colors and shades of the rugs are a feature of the unique natural style, giving a natural and beautiful appearance to fur products, even when they have been dyed.

When it comes to fur, there is no better way to judge the quality than to use your sense of touch, which is why they handpick only the finest furs directly from local communities. 

The raw materials are shipped to Europe, where Alpaka employs Nordic design and quality assurance principles to ensure the products respect the demand and needs as well as the aesthetics and moral values, of their clients.

The unique climatic and geographic factors that give alpaca wool and fur its most valued qualities also lead to its rarity. Alpaca fur is an unfortunate byproduct of the wool industry, and is impossible to mass produces, which is why the brand has so many singular and made-to-order products.



Since Decemeber 2019 Alpaka showroom is located in the Ultima Thule Gallery in Maakri Quarter Tallinn. Ultima Thule Interiors, the gallery's interior design department, is engaged in introduction of custom made products for interiors design solutions.  


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