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Ultima Thule Gallery is offering unique selection of high quality clothing, jewellery and interior design brands, interior architecture projects, artwork and lifestyle services from the creators of the Northern Luxury. 

UltimaThuleGallery.com is telling the story of the Northern Luxury with uplifting visuals, inspiring stories and interviews of influential personalities. UltimaThuleGallery.com shop, atelier and showroom allow safe and convenient shopping and services of both for private clients and B2B partners.


Ultima Thule, the mystical island in the utmost distance in the North, was described by the Greek traveller Pytheas thousands of years ago. Ultima Thule became a legend - a dream of the far away place outside of the well-known world, untouched, well established and rich with culture. The Northern lands and coasts have been the destination for the lucky seekers through the centuries. There were found fertile lands and amber, unprecedentedly long summer days and untouched nature. 

There are several theories about the location of Ultima Thule. The life work of a legendary and beloved writer, filmmaker and politician Lennart Meri, the former President of Estonia has been proved the most. According to his research, the legendary Thule described in ancient times, is Saaremaa, the largest island of Estonia.

Ultima Thule symbolizes the journey to the edge of the world - discovery of the new and searches of the extraordinary, aspiration of the higher standards. Inspired by the legend of Ultima Thule is created the collaboration of Northern Luxuries - design and lifestyle brands, artists and makers sharing similar values.





Ultima Thule Gallery unites the brands and creators who stand out for  original approach, commitment to perfection, unique heritage and usage of high quality natural materials. These brands respect people inside their own and far away communities, their production is environmentally sustainable. They are Northern Luxuries.

The aesthetics and values of Northern Luxuries rely on individuality and do not follow the hectic trends. Ultima Thule Gallery partners are creating a new unique high quality style - discreet and timeless - Northern Luxury.



Ultima Thule Gallery partners - The Northern Luxuries - share the philosophy of Slow Movement. “Slow” was initiated by Carlo Petrini, he is the founder of the International Slow Food Movement. The movement was created after a campaign against a fast food chain opening near the Spanish Steps in Rome, in 1986. The “Slow” philosophy is about doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible, it’s about quality over quantity. 

Slow Movement values environmentally friendly and clean raw materials, spirited small-scale production, handicrafts and dedication, a harmonious combination of heritage and traditions with innovative and modern.



The partners of Ultima Thule Gallery celebrated their united journey by supporting the Christmas Concert of Tallinn Boys’ Choir & mezzo-soprano of Vienna Volksoper Annely Peebo in December 2019. The amazing concert took place in one of the most magnificent and beautiful shrines in Tallinn city in the Middle Ages, in St. Nicholas Church, branch of Estonian Art Museum today.

On the winter solstice in 2019 Agent B, Alpaka, AMANJEDA by Katrin Kuldma, AMANJEDA Home, Archipolaris, Arro Porcelain, Diapol, Karin Kersa Jewellery and WOOM opened the doors of Ultima Thule Gallery in the heart of Tallinn city. Tõnis Vellama / SEOS Lighting and Baltic Luxury have joined the path Since 2020.