The Maldives is no stranger to Agent B. With its rare coral islands, beautiful palm groves, turquoise lagoons and white paradise beaches, the Maldives is an ideal holiday destination. 

This is a place for those who prefer to enjoy a private holiday in an idyllic setting.
The greatest specialty of the Maldives is that it is a collection of 1,190 small coral islands that form circular atolls. However, only 202 of these islands are inhabited. Each island is surrounded by a lagoon with shallow turquoise waters that meet the deep Indian Ocean on the horizon. As the Maldives do not have that much of an industrial impact on its environment, its water is one of the cleanest in the world. It is this crystal-clear water, the seemingly endless corals, the colorful and rich underwater world of the Indian Ocean that are the main reasons for the journey to these small remote islands. 

There is only one hotel or resort on each island. The choice is great and everyone should find exactly something that caters to their likes and preferences.

Velaa Private Island

In the local language, "Turtle Island" is a place where turtles have gathered for generations to nest and lay eggs. In addition to the name, turtles are also a common theme in resort design and art. You can get here from Male Airport by seaplane (45 minutes) or by private plane (the nearest airport is a 7-minute drive away and from there you can reach the island in 35 minutes by luxury yacht). The island itself is half a kilometer in diameter in both directions. Velaa Private Island has been awarded the title of the best resort in the last seven years (opened in 2013), according to customers, tourism colleagues and former and current employees.

A Czech entrepreneur and investment banker, who regularly loved to rest on the various islands of the Maldives, finally decided to make his dream come true and  set up a personal paradise on this small island. The beaches of Velaa are wonderful and the whole area is very well maintained. The level of exclusivity is also shown by the fact that no gardener or landscaper is ever seen during the day. It gives the impression that everything is naturally so perfect.

The island has 43 villas and one 4-bedroom residence. The villas start at 220 m2 and the total cost of one night with breakfast starts at $ 3,000. The island also has a high-quality golf course (designed by the world-famous Jose Maria Olazabal, 9 courses), as well as a decent tennis court with roof, lighting and cooling, squash, table tennis and a volleyball and football court.


Cheval Blanc - LVHM Collection - "A place to see and to be seen!"

It is the most exclusive resort in the Maldives and its clientele is more characterized by social openness, prominence and communication. The overall theme of the island is ultramodernity and thoughtful design down to the last detail. The resort’s representative fine dining restaurant serves fine French gastronomy. You can get here from Male Airport by seaplane (40 minutes), the nearest airport is a 7-minute drive away and you can reach the island in 25 minutes by luxury yacht.

The design of the villas is extremely chic, very spacious and white. The main island has 46 villas and the private island has a 4-bedroom Owners Villa (2,200 m2), an outdoor pool and a gym. There are also a SPA and a tennis court on the separate islands.

The size of the villas start at 240 m2 and the total cost of one night with breakfast starts at 4,000.



The villas in Joali look similar to Cheval Blanc because the architect of the buildings is the same on both islands. Nevertheless, Joali's design is much warmer and even more stylish! The villas are decorated with beautiful dark wood details. In addition, both the interior and exterior are enriched by unique works of art by artists of many different nationalities, resulting in unconventional and unique luxury - indoor decorations, lighting, ceramics, benches and much more.

Their Japanese restaurant Saoke was designed by the world-famous architect Noriyoshi Muramatsu, whose projects (Zuma, Roka, etc.) are well-known in Hong Kong, London, New York and around the world. All the restaurants on the island are very stylish and the food is absolutely delicious.

The island has a total of 73 villas, most of which are on the water. The above-ground villas are about 680 m2 and include a large private area. The cost of one night starts at  $ 2,500.


Kudadoo Private Island

Designed by world-famous architect Yuji Yamasaki, Kudadoo Resort is just a 40-minute seaplane ride from Male Airport. The motto of the resort is “Anything. Any time. Anywhere ”and it sums up the experience of being on this island incredibly well.

Kudadoo is a completely unique concept among all other luxury resorts, all inclusive for this place really means it literally. It is certainly admirable that Kudadoo is the only fully solar-powered private island in the Maldives.

Kudadoo is a small boutique island with Japanese-style architecture. The resort consists of 15 over-water villas and one large complex with a restaurant, bar, wine and cheese cellar and spa. Villas start at 310 m2 and cost a total of  $ 3,500 per night in this all-inclusive luxury resort.


One & Only Reethi Rah

It is one of the oldest and most famous luxury resorts in the Maldives, opened in 2005. It is the largest island and offers a stretch of 6 km of white sand. The island has a total of 12 different beaches, 2 tennis courts and a professional football pitch with artificial turf. Of course, a very large and representative spa and many restaurants and bars have found their place on the island.

However, the well-known name and representative overall image could not scare away this rather slightly corporate atmosphere. Compared to the boutique islands, the situation here is definitely less romantic, more private and more charming.

One & Only Reethi Rahi Resort consists of 128 villas, most of which are located on the beach. Villas start at 135 m2 and the prices start at 
$ 2,800 per night.


People often ask why the best and most famous hotels in the Maldives are so expensive?

Accommodation with turquoise water and a white strip of beach is also available for a much cheaper price. But the difference is huge! It is necessary to mention that if the purpose of your holiday is to enjoy all-round luxury on a romantic island, any 5-star hotel with a price range of 
$ 500-800 / night will definitely not offer what an experienced and quality-evaluating traveler hopes to experience.

The prices have been designed taking all aspects into account, as in return they offer all kinds of comforts, beauty and aesthetics
“in the middle of nowhere”, so to speak. For those who have the time and interest to learn more about the charms and pains of running an island hotel in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, then the book "Beach Babylon" is a great choice, with the former CEO of the luxury resort revealing many incredible but still true stories about the hotel's decades and customers.

The Maldives is an ideal refuge from the cold and darkness, and also a perfect place for isolation.